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MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND/FLEETWEEK 2012- Living History, Cultural Enrichment & Environmental Learning

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Nov 2011

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May 16, 2012
AN AFRICAN HERITAGE & MORE EXPERIENCE AT FLEETWEEK 2012 AT NY HARBOR's NATIONAL MONUMENT CASTLE CLINTON AT BATTERY PARK This spring 2012 brings the PARADE OF SHIPS ( A flotilla of several ships from Latin America, including Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Columbia, Indonesia, Spain and France,- ) and a Fantastic Family and Children Fun Living History Program for outdoors recreation, cultural enrichment and environmental learning in COMMEMORATION OF THE WAR OF 1812 BICENTENNIAL - A time and era where the merchants' war as fought by a multicultural navy. Where the island of JAMAICA gave a cradle for the authoring of the national anthem "Star Spangled Banner" by Francis Scott Key and even our neighboring island of The Republic of HAITI with their defeat of Napoleon's army became the catalyst for America's largest land acquisition "The Louisiana Purchase"; a game change for the patriots seeking the secure their independence from Britain. 12 years later after the war, ( 1824) the island of Haiti became the new home of the war veteran emigres of African heritage who fought in the American Revolution and War of 1812. ( mostly left from Philadelphia and Baltimore in 3 ships).The Caribbean island of TRINIDAD was also a destination of African veterans who fought for theirs and the American freedom, and so was Novia Scotia. Others returned to the continent of Africa to form the country of Liberia. The War of 1812 was also a time and place where many like Captain Jorge Farragut an officer of "Hispanic" heritage, or Charles Ball fought valiantly along the side of the "patriots"in their quest for "freedom". The result of this merchant War of 1812 left our country divided, and merchants' greed led to the betrayal of the Native American, The African, The East Indian people, as well as our own voiceless. Without a reflection on history "Failures are quickly forgotten ? inconvenient truths are ignored forever". Join The Urban Divers Estuary Conservancy in collaboration with CHE Nautical & Enviro Edutainment and CUNY Veteran Students from Lehman, BCC and Hostos and National Park Service, the community coalition members of the Harlem River Federal Urban Rivers Partnership as we bring an opportunity for another fantastic family and children fun time-travel journey as we together explore the era of the War of 1812 with an enriched perspective on American and Global history. The program presents a spectacular nautical exhibition featuring a state of the art living history display that encompasses, a dynamic cast of War of 1812 era reenactor (s), with an impressive collection of nautical artifacts, interactive props and accessories, period provisions, historic naval armament, period costumes, and even a marine ecology exhibit, promising an enriching, entertaining, and interactive cultural & educational experience for the entire family to enjoy. An excellent public education medium for history, art appreciation, cultural enrichment, and environmental learning presented in a museum quality exposition that helps to recapture the living history of the Afro-American seafarers and the colonial life experience and contributions of the people of NYC of African Heritage from the Hudson River to the Chesapeake, and reaching beyond our borders, beyond the tales of slavery. Join us during this special Commemoration of the War of 1812 Bicentennial in reexamining our human attitude towards management, conservation, distribution and commerce of the natural resources. A catalyst to most of our wars. The EVENT will be held on MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND /FLEETWEEK SUNDAY MAY 27th from 9 AM- 5PM AT NY HARBOR's Historic National Monument CASTLE CLINTON ( Battery Park)- Once a Fort- 1811-1821, an Opera House and Theatre, a NY Aquarium and the country's first Immigrant Processing Center. Visit our events websites at COMMEMORATIO OF THE WAR OF 1812 BICENTENNIAL Leare more about where you can visit the Tall Sail Ships From Latina America et al Learn more about the War of 1812 (PBS) Castle Clinton at Battery Park

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