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"Cone Sections"

Brandon L Neubauer

Aug 2007

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June 16, 2008
These photographs compress an elaborate sixty-second choreography into a single image. Working with digitally produced slides, I strategically project image-fragments and simple geometric forms into the landscape, and document the result through time-lapse photography. During the extended-exposure, I move through the frame with a white screen, creating a kinetic projection surface to capture and reflect parts of the projection as it travels through space. This interaction references the act of printing a negative in the darkroom, where image manipulation and optical trickery are long-established practices. In this case I am effectively "printing" in three dimensions. I approach this process as an opportunity to step inside the camera, and darkroom simultaneously, where I become a physical agent in the construction of the image. The light that is captured serves as a record of my presence, and selective absence. Within this space I am enabled to work more directly with light, time, and optical phenomena. Through this interrogation of the photographic process I am exploring my own questions regarding the psychology of perception, and its role in the construction of everyday experience.

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