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Sixth Annual Brooklyn Salsa Congress

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October 12, 2012

    • Year after year it has been the goal of Artistic director Arelis Beato to promote some of Brooklyn’s most exquisite venues by bringing you 

      Brooklyn’s most Elite two night extravaganza to a great location each 
      year. I am very happy to announce, the 6th Annual Brooklyn Salsa 

      Congress will be held at one of Brooklyn’s most amazing historical,l and in true Brooklyn style the landmark Roulette Theater.

      Located in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn near Tropical Image's new community partner the Barclay Center. This venue offers class and elegance. The convenience of transportation and closeness to the Brooklyn Bridge makes it very accessible by all and a winner as this year’s candidate to hold this event.

      This year’s event is a NOT TO BE missed event. The Stage, the Lighting and estate of the art Sound system will make this event one of our most enjoyable and intense ones so far. Further more, the exclusive and amazing performers along with the media coverage will make this event a true Red carpet affair and definitely unforgettable.

      The performances will be exclusive, the Showcases will be Spectacular, the Dance Projects will be exhalitaring, and of course, the Pre and after parties Series will be Jamming!!!
      The dance competitions will be fun and bring competitions to a new level. As we look for the Brooklyn’s Salsero & Salsera of the Year in both Amateur and Professional levels. This competition will look for Natural grace, style, musicality, timing but most importantly SOUL. We wil host preliminary rounds a different NYC socials between now and November, who will then compete @ the Final round @ our “Til next year farewell social” SUNDAY, Nov. 18th.

      Buy your tickets early!

      For more information and tickets:

      All Tropical Image public relations and media inquiries and information email Liz Mercado

      Special message from artistic director Arelis Beato:

      This year's BK Congress is dedicated to:::::

      My Mom & my Three friends Yesenia, Veronica and Chantel for battling M.S. Disease
      My Dad for surviving a Heart attack and over coming Prostate cancer
      My Friends Erica & Eric's Dad for surviving a heart attack
      My friend Janelle's Mom & Step Mom for battling Pancreatic and Breast Cancer
      My student, Jasmine's Mom & David G's Sister for their ongoing battle with Cancer

      These illnesses have affected our lives but have not defeated us. 

      I dedicate this year congress to these strong people, and thank them for showing me that faith is the core of all that stand strong for what they believe in. 
      Just like these people have not given up on hope to live because they have faith, I believe in the kids and their future and will not give up hope that our generation of kids will over come the obtacles that can prevent them from being successful and strong adults in their future. GKOTS will stand strong and will tear down any obstacle set in front of us. 

      I have faith that I will always find the means to keep this project going for our kids and continue to be their haven of safety and trust when they feel lost and need a family and friends, because they are our future.

      The 2012 Brooklyn Salsa Congress Performers:

      Arelis Kids Dance Project Bklyn, NY
      Baila Conmigo Cali, Colombia
      Baila Conmigo kids Cali, Colombia
      Balmir Kids Bklyn, NY
      Balmir Pro team Bklyn, NY
      Balmir Semi Pro Bklyn, NY
      Brooklyn Ballet Youth Ensemble Bklyn, NY
      Caribbean Soul NJ
      Dance Atlantic Bklyn, NY
      Dancers Dreamzz BX, NY
      Dream Team of Omega Alpha Beta NYC
      Heartbreak Boyz BX, NY
      Karisma - Imagenes NYC
      Karisma Dancers NYC
      Lambda Pi Chi Sorority, Inc.- National Stroll Team.
      Latin Fever Bklyn, NY
      Latin Fever Kids Bklyn, NY
      Latin reflections Bklyn, NY
      Lorenz Queens, NY
      Lorenz - Kids Queens, NY
      Mambo Bravo Queens, NY
      MDM Latin Dancers NJ
      Movimiento Dancers BX, NY
      Nieves Dance Studio Bklyn, NY
      Nieves Dance Studio - Student team Bklyn, NY
      Otto Show Cali, Colombia
      Plan B NJ
      Santo Rico NYC
      Santo Rico - "Xibition" BX, NY
      Santo Rico Kids NYC
      Santorriquitas NYC
      Sweethearts BX, NY
      Tropical Image ELITE Bklyn, NY
      Tropical Image GKOTS Bklyn, NY
      Tropical Image JR Bklyn, NY
      Unified Dancers BX, NY
      Vanity Force Bklyn, NY
      Young Ambition NYC
      Zaoko de Zafire BX, NY

      More to be added, Line up subject to change,
      performance day for each team is yet to be determined
      and will be updated Nov. 1st, 2012


509 Atlantic AvenueBrooklyn, New York 1217


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