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Projection Mapping Workshop

Scott Fitzgerald

Oct 2008

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October 11, 2012

November 2 - November 4

3 Day Projection Mapping Workshop, November 2–4.

Mappathon teaches participants the latest technology for mapping video projections on physical surfaces, moving away from the traditional confines of the screen to sculptures and building facades. The goal of the workshop is to create several projection mapping installations in REVERSE Space, where the participants create content for complex surfaces.

Participants will learn the tools to work in with these forms, and work on the process of collaborative design. The primary tool taught in the workshop is the software package MadMapper. MadMapper has greatly simplified the process of working with this technique of video projection. Used in conjunction with video software like Modul8, Quartz Composer, Processing, or Max/MSP/Jitter; MadMapper enables designers and artists to realize their ideas without getting bogged down in technical details.

Ten artists selected from an open call will create content for mapping onto predetermined, large objects. They will work together in teams of two, each creating the content for a piece that will incorporate multiple surfaces and shapes. At the end of the workshop, the gallery will be open to the public for a presentation of the work. Selected participants will be given a fully functional, time limited, version of MadMapper & Modul8. This should be installed and activated prior to the beginning of the workshop. Food and beverages will be provided during the workshop.


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6pm Friday, October 19. Announcement of Selected artists by Friday, October 26


The workshop is $350 for individuals, $400 if sponsored by a company. Participants application fees will be deducted from the workshop fee. This must be paid in advance of the workshop.

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