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Nick Zedd and The Cinema of Transgression Festival at Glasshouse


Oct 2012

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Posted on:
January 9, 2013

January 15- 19, Tuesday- Saturday
9pm- late

Leading figure in the avant-garde cinema and NYC underground scene of the 1980’s and 1990’s, iconic filmmaker, writer, and painter, Nick Zedd returns to New York City for a festival dedicated to his work, providing New Yorkers with the rare opportunity to meet and experience this body of work.

In addition to coining the term “Cinema of Transgression” and critically framing the work of his contemporaries (as creator of Underground Film Bulletin from 1984–90 and writer of the Cinema of Transgression manifesto), Zedd is known for his low-budget films, paintings, and mid-2000’s public television series with Reverend Jen, Electric Elf. 

For this event Zedd curated a special program with screenings of most of his works since the 80's and hosting works of some of his peers in the Cinema of Transgression movement including films by Nicholas Abrahams, Tessa Hughes- Freeland & Holly Adams, Angelique Bosio, Richard Kern, Richard Klemann, Casandra Stark and documentary films by Mary Jordan and Andreas Troeger.

The program:

Day 1 is dedicated to Experimental films from the 60’s and 70’s and documentaries about The Cinema of Transgression

Days 2-3 are dedicated to the Cinema of Transgression Movement

Days 4-5 are dedicated Nick Zedd's films from the late 90's until his most recent works

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