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Elements of Recall by Gail Flanery at 440 Gallery

440 Gallery

Aug 2007

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January 13, 2013
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January 10th-February 17th 2013

An indigo sea, a yellow plain, purple mountains and a salmon sky: the vivid colors and painterly contours of Gail Flanery's recent monotype prints may bring these landscape images to mind. However, this new body of work, Elements of Recall, comprises studies in abstraction, each piece derived from a thoughtfully conceived palette of bold, yet harmonious hues. Flanery, well known for her adept application of unabashedly beautiful colors, takes her work to a more complex emotional level with these pieces. The exhibit features four large monotypes, which display a generous use of handwork, not only in the print-making process, but also in Flanery's subtle addition of pastels. There are also several smaller prints including a group of deftly rendered bare tree trunks and branches, inspired by the discarded photos of a fellow artist. These monotype prints are informed by Flanery's longstanding habit of sketching from life, as evidenced by the strong, confident lines and understanding of structure inherent in these images. This is Flanery's second solo exhibition at the 440 Gallery. Elements of Recall will run from January 10th through February 17th. 

The 440 Gallery is located at 440 6th Ave, in Park Slope.

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