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Mariuccia Pisani

Jun 2008
Posted on:
June 24, 2008

POWER happening by Mariuccia Pisani Wednesday 5th March 2008 from 7.30 pm to 10 pm Spazio 8 ? via Col di Lana 8 ? Porta Ticinese ? Milan, Italy With the happening of the 5th March, which is taking place at the Spazio 8 of Milan, POWER will begin: a project created by the artist Mariuccia Pisani and sponsored by the new brand of luxury fashion Luigi Veccia. POWER is a script divided into several acts, composed by performances, pictures, happenings and videos. The milanese soiree is exclusive: 300 pairs of sparkling red stilettos of the finest make, essences that evoke the Queen of Saba, elegant champagnes and music chosen for the occasion, will envelop the minimal spaces of Spazio 8, transforming them into a sensual set where Mariuccia Pisani will be a shrewd director of the audience. POWER is an invitation, but also a provocation: whomever decides to play does not have a choice, he will surrender to the artist?s power, and be obliged to wear the outrageously high heels and with them, challenge himself and his inhibitions. The clumsy becoming super clumsy, the shy becoming super shy and the sexy, super sexy. POWER is a mise-en-scčne where, by using the collective imaginary evoked by the cult object par excellence the red shoe, creates a continous emotional game, at times hillarious and ironic, between a seducted audience and an enchanting artist. Mixing hedonism, eroticism, feminine sensuality, Mariuccia Pisani, scrutinizes the clichčes imposed by the fashion and art system, and investigates into the social distortions of our contemporary times. The video shot during the soirče will be projected on the 12 of April during the second stage of Power at the Museo Laboratorio of Cittŕ Sant?Angelo (Pe), the performance will take place in an exceptional location, the baroque ex Church of Sant?Agostino. Come and play the charm of Power.

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