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a house made of salt

Morgan Lindsey Tachco

Nov 2008

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Apr 11-13 2013
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March 19, 2013

a house made of salt, Miriam Wolf's newest evening length work will premiere this coming April 11th-13th at Jack Arts, a multi-disciplinary theater in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

a house made of salt is a dance made for two performers, Michael Ingle and Lindsay Lee, that is interested in dealing with some of the most fundamental and universal rules that govern us as humans: the unavoidable end of our lives, our singular ability to love- and to destroy what we love most, our desire to re-make our personal histories so we can re-create the past and the memories that go with it, and our highly competitive natures. The performers will live out their story, seemingly unaware of the fact they are surrounded on all sides by spectators. Life flashes before one’s eyes, realized by a string of episodes, some narrative, some sensorial, some driven by the physical body moving through space, some driven by words, text, and song.


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