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Writing a Short Script That You Can Produce

Brooklyn Young Filmmakers Center

Sep 2007

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March 23, 2013
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Career Development
Writing a Short Script That You Can Produce Wednesdays, 4/3/13 – 5/1/13, 6 - 9 pm - 15 hours, $140 A course for students who are writing their first script and for writers who have already written a short script that they are having problems completing (short=15pgs or less). The emphasis is on creating scripts that can be easily used by a producer and crew as the ‘blueprint’ for a low/no budget short film or web pilot episode. Students will learn three act structure; character and back story development; how to use props and set as visuals to help advance the story; and techniques for engaging the audience. This class is offered through: New York City College of Technology’s Division of Continuing Ed, 25 Chapel Street, Brooklyn (*There is an additional $20 1st-time registration fee if you have not taken classes at the Continuing Ed before.) Registration: 718-552-1170

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