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Bring THE PEOPLE TO COME to NYC at The Invisible Dog

Yanira Castro

Sep 2010

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May 3, 2013
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Crowdfunding Campaigns

After touring to four cities and having created over 50 dances with over 700 audience-generated images--a canary torsi is bringing our latest participatory performance installation, The People to Come, home to New York to The Invisible Dog Art Center. To do so, we have created a Kickstarter campaign.

The People to Come starts with the audience. We invite them to create inspirations from which the performers will make dances. The dances are then developed in front of the audience and performed for them in a cycle that lasts four hours. Audiences can come and go, make inspirations, watch the performers at work, see the final dances. It is, as performer Peter Musante describes it, "an espresso shot of process." To learn more about the project, see what audiences have created or to add your own work as inspiration for the performers, please visit

Here in New York, we have the amazing presenting support of The Invisible Dog Art Center in Brooklyn, a venue we adore. BUT… we don’t have direct commissioning support.

What does not having commissioning support for this project mean?

It means we have a fabulous space with a suggested donation for tickets, but we don’t have the built-in funds to support the amazing artists and collaborators who perform and design this work. We have performed it for FREE everywhere we have toured the piece, thanks to our sponsors. And that is the right spirit for a project that relies on the audience’s input for the dance to even exist. In New York, the public is asked only to pay what they can.

And that is why KICKSTARTER. In the same way that we have reached out to audiences to join us in making the work by providing inspiration to the performers: we are now asking YOU – friends, family, supporters, fans, strangers – to give to this campaign and help make the shows in New York City possible. In exchange for your support, we offer a variety of rewards and our never-ending gratitude. Because funding is all-or-nothing, it is imperative that we raise our full goal to move forward with this project.

Anything you give is GREAT - TRULY GREAT - $5 or $50 or $500. It is the little and the lot ALL coming together to make something great happen: to make The People to Come. Be a part of our team, and give what you can. We will give back with everything we’ve got! THANK YOU.

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