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Christiana Lee Axelsen

Jan 2013

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Jun 6-8 2013
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May 3, 2013


a dance + theater piece inspired by mountaineering, arctic exploration, early aviation and Gaston Bachelard

June 6-8th, 7:30pm

The Invisible Dog Art Center

51 Bergen Street, Brooklyn


Tickets $15 cash at the door



Travel writer Pico Iyer once said that, for him, the greatest travel writer who ever lived was Emily Dickinson.  This poet who rarely, if ever, left her house was able to capture the very heart of why we adventure, why we seek out these challenging uncomfortable experiences – to better understand the essence of the human experience.  This I find fascinating.  I think it connects to something that Gaston Bachelard talks about in the Poetics of Space “that it is always more enriching to imagine than to experience.”  But I am torn by this thought.  I live in New York City and I dream about climbing mountains.  I imagine all these extreme landscapes that I wish to explore.   Is this poetic imagination better than the experience?  Maybe this is why I make art.  Choreographing and performing are a poetic imagination of realized experience.  So this is what Tundra is about – the pull between unknown space and our homes, the safe places where we indulge in dreaming and the act of creation, where like Emily Dickinson, the thought of unknown space helps us better mine the depths of our own selves.

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