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African Caribbean Dance Classes

Neema Selah

May 2013

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Posted on:
May 21, 2013

Life is a Dance; The creative expression of the spiritual life force that flows gracefully within all of us with the power to make things happen
Do you want to tap into your divinity through dance?
Do you want to explore cultures through movement?
Do you want to stay fit?
Do you want to DANCE???

This class is designed to be a fun and exhilirating experience for people at all levels of dance. There is something for you whether you never took a class before or you are an advanced dancer.

These classes cover a variety of styles and techniques:
♦African Dance
♦Afro Latin
♦Afro Spiritual
♦Basic Ballet

To register, please email Neema at Beblessed05@gmail or call 716-534-8427
or join on Facebook 

Come on out and "Let's Dance"

Be Blessed, Be Nurtured
Neema Selah

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