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Art Classes for Toddlers, Kids, Teens & Adults all Summer long!

Creatively WILD Art Studio

Apr 2012

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July 8, 2013
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Creatively WILD Art Studio located in the heart of glorious DUMBO, Brooklyn offers art classes for all ages and levels.

Keep your child entertained all summer- Keep yourself Creatively WILD!

Our exciting action packed art classes include, Painting, Drawing, Cartooning, illustration, Mixed- Media,  3-D Projects and much more!

All ages and levels from beginner art classes and beyond!

Art Classes for all ages and levels, small classes to get more attention!


Toddler Art classes (2- 4 yrs)

Kids Art Classes (5- 9 yrs)

Teens Art Classes 10- 17 yrs

Adult art Classes 18 yrs & up

Summer Art Classes for all the family at:

Summer Art Camps for Toddlers, Kids & Teens 2- 16 yrs are offered all summer until AUG 30

Monday- Fridays, Drop Offs AVAILABLE:

Creatively Wild Art Studio

33 Washington Street, DUMBO

Brooklyn NY 11201

If you can dream then you can create...Let's GO Creatively WILD!

T. 646-469-7498

DM Wilding

Artist, Founder & Director

Creatively WILD Art Studio is Dumbo's only art school offering inspiring and exciting art classes for toddlers, kids, teens and adults.Art classes for every age and level, NYC art classes also available on the Upper Westside. At Creatively WILD Art Studio, we truly believe that the best art making comes from creative play and true personal discovery. So the choice is well and truly yours - limited only by the boundaries of your very own imagination! We offer art classes in NYC and Brooklyn for adults of all ages and levels! In our art classes, gain practical knowledge and experience through exploration that inspires artists of all skill levels to be creative. In our adult art classes, hands-on exercises will push you beyond artistic boundaries to instill confidence and guide you toward your own personal discovery. Broaden your artistic vision through thought-provoking mixed media experimentation to create original artwork unlike anything you've done before! Take the fear out of the blank canvas! Come expecting to learn in our art classes, be inspired, listen to your own creative voice and have fun! Strive for results that go beyond the basic obvious techniques! Leave people wondering how on earth you did it!

Creatively WILD Art Studio offers an extensive program of children's art classes, weekly after school art classes as well as our very own Toddler art class, Kids art classes in painting and drawing and mixed media, Teen art classes include painting, drawing, illustration, cartooning classes and mixed media,found object art, as well as our newly added graffiti art class.

Kids and teen art classes at Creatively WILD Art Studio as well as being fun offer a unique educational experience for your child or teen. 

Art classes for kids and teens are small in size, providing a peaceful safe environment for each child to receive the maximum amount of attention from their instructor in a highly personal approach by our founder, DM Wilding.

Children will delight in exploring and creating with paint, acrylic texture mediums, found objects, inks, glitter, Oil sticks, chalk pastels,papers, glue, paint markers plus loads more! 

In our art classes for kids and teens children will gain a greater understanding of freedom through self expression, utilizing a variety of materials, understanding of forms and textures.Exploring themes such as colors, shapes, nature, and the world around us, while developing fine motor skills and expanding their creativity, being exposed to fun and challenging art mediums, including found art, textures and surfaces, while creating a beautiful piece of art each week!




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