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Ma jolie Emiko =Let's enjoy new change=

Ouchi Gallery

Jul 2012

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July 27, 2013
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Art News

People say that the times of us is "change ".
We can't see the future , we have an anxiety because we don't know our way can be accepted or not for the future .
But I think that " change " is very wonderful , free and limitless because it's plentiful and it can make splendid things !
Anxiety and worry make nothing .

Let's enjoy the change and I hope that you have many wonderful dreams in your heart .

When I create something , at first my good idea occurred to me,
and after that, I start to think about materials.
I use so many materials like cloths, leathers, light bulbs and handmade Japanese papers.
I want to create something that we have never seen and touch anywhere,
and that is the exactly objects what we have searched for!

For me , "the art" is not something very expensive that we hesitate to buy,
but something that we can buy with our pocket money .
And I hope when you take out my created objects from your pocket or bag you feel a freedom and gentleness ,especially for the tired people after the work, I hope that my created objects encourage you and you can remember your real dream.

I always create something with my hope like that.
I am looking forward to seeing you a New York!

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