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one mind's imaging into another - USA Project ends 8/16

Margaret Withers

Nov 2008

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July 31, 2013
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Crowdfunding Campaigns

USA Fundraising project - One mind's imaging into another

 If I close my eyes I can move through the rooms of pretty much any house that I’ve lived in. Specific memories are lost, but the imprint of the architecture of the different homes remains.

Try it...

Close your eyes and move from your old bedroom to the living room. Look out at the backyard or out the window. Is there one room that you can easily picture? Does it carry the same feeling and texture from house to house? It seems that the houses of our past are icons in our memories, stalwart images that join the stories we tell of who we once were with what we now seek to become.

The houses and telephone poles in my paintings are pictorial representations for habitation and human connection. The larger context being the complexity of the physical and emotional spaces in the dwellings and the physical, yet fading boundaries created by the telephone poles and lines that string between dwellings.

I have been given the opportunity to create large works on paper at the Millay Colony for Arts, in November 2013, which coincides with my solo show that starts November 20th, at the Landau Gallery at the Belmont Hills School in Massachusetts, an installation entitled, One mind’s imagining into another.

Using visual and sound elements, viewers will be invited to participate in a dynamic interaction.

A large triptych of my paintings will be installed on the main wall. I will record interviews with several students about the triptych regarding their thoughts, impressions, perceptions of story and of their past houses, and edit the recordings into short clips which will be transmitted via tin can phones, which will be installed on either side of triptych, the lines of which will crisscross the triptych. I’ve chosen tin can phones because I want to induce a sensory memory of play for anyone who has ever played with them, and to introduce the concept to anyone who hasn’t.  

The participant will be instructed to speak the phrase “Tell Me” into the tin can, triggering a voice-activated programmed arduino device that will play one of the audio clips in response.  

In order to complete this project, I am seeking your help to raise the funds required, which will go toward fabrication, transportation and installation, as well as offset some of the cost of taking time off without pay from work in order to attend the Millay Colony.

Any funds received in excess of the initial amount would be used for advertising and promotion of the project.

I greatly appreciate this opportunity to reach out to you directly and ask for your help.  You are free to participate in the donation process at any time during this campaign.

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