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Closing Sunday, Sep 8th: Everyone in the Pool at the 440 Gallery

440 Gallery

Aug 2007

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September 2, 2013
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Art News

Don't miss out! Last week to catch Everyone in the Pool, a group show of diverse artwork from each of the fourteen members of the 440 Gallery. Ours is an artistic gene pool where ideas meet, hybridize, evolve, and powerful synergies constantly occur. As a collective we are in this together, sink or swim. This exhibit expresses this theme through "conversations" among the artwork while celebrating the summer season through paintings, photography, sculpture and video.

This is a rare opportunity to contemplate together the works of all of our members: Vicki Behm, Fred Bendheim, Tom Bovo, Ellen Chuse, Shanee Epstein, Gail Flanery, Jay Friedenberg, Laurie Lee-Georgescu, Karen Gibbons, Susan Greenstein, Katharine Colona Hopkins, Nancy Lunsford, Amy Williams, Ella Yang.

Everyone in the Pool opens at the 440 Gallery, located at 440 Sixth Avenue.  Visit for more information.

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