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Build Your Creative Business

Melissa Arlene Matthews

Sep 2013

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September 19, 2013
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Career Development

Twin Entrepreneurs Melissa and Michele Matthews (owners of MAM Squared LLC) present "An Artpreneur's Guide to Wooing & Winning: Telling Your Story to Grow Your Business." What's this workshop all about? In this workshop, the Matthews' share their hard fought lessons on how to establish a business, define a brand, navigate the wild world of media engagement and survive the lean times. You won't want to miss this candid and informative session! Learn how to: Narrow down your focus. Define your brand. Develop and test your ideas. Identify stakeholders. Craft and tell your story to various audiences. Build relationships w/ key stakeholders. Use diverse media (via social media/blogger/news media outreach) tools to tell your story. What qualifies them to teach these lessons? They don't purport to be experts but they've got a ton of experience that you can learn from and use to excel. Melissa is a fine artist, author, and arts consultant (self- proclaimed Artpreneur) and Michele is a strategic communications consultant and nonprofit management maven; combined they have 11 years of experience in a number of fields. Under the umbrella of their newly formed limited liability company, the sisters own and operate five companies in industries as diverse as the arts, communications/media and retail. How to register and attend? Early bird registration ends today! Live and work in NYC or nearby? Register Live and work elsewhere? Register for the Webinar

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