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Pinion Gallery at Art Basel Miami 2013

Matt A Miley

Jan 2011

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September 18, 2013

ONLY 6 SPOTS AVAILABLE! After a successful exhibition in 2012, Hotel Mimo is excited about partnering up with the Pinion Gallery once more to host a second exhibition during Basel 2013. While we all like to have fun, look at art, and interact with fellow artist, at the end of the day we really want to sell our work. Pinion Gallery is focused on the promotion and sale of quality art, by dedicated artists, and connecting with loyal art collectors.

As you are coming to Miami Art Basel in 2013, Why pay overpriced hotel rates, gallery space rentals, and parking rates? Pinion Gallery is dedicated to promoting up and coming artists world-wide.

For your $1,000 participation fee you receive the following:

• A Room to stay as well as exhibit your work, Standard Hotel room. (10 Rooms Available) (Arrival on the 4th – departure on the 9th , Fixed cost at $500 to Hotel Mimo)
• Artists retain 100% of their sales
• A shared area in the lobby for one smaller piece, per artist.
• Professionally Catered Exhibition party on the 6th of December. (Friday)
• VIP visits from collectors organized by Pinion Gallery.
• Professional documentation of your work at during the exhibition.
• Press releases highlighting the exhibition, in local newspapers, and social media
• Assistance in installing your work at the location
• Staff to promote and secure your work when you are enjoying the rest of Basel.

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