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Raise Your Voice!

Brooklyn Conservatory of Music

Apr 2013

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October 29, 2013
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Friday, November 8, 2013, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, 58 Seventh Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217


Raise Your Voice!
Aly Panichi M.A, MT-BC, LCAT
(room 35)
Join Aly Sun, an experienced vocalist and music therapist, on a journey of exploration into the beauty and power of your authentic voice!

Increase your capacity for creative expression, healthy communication and self-healing while engaging in powerful, playful and cathartic exercises drawn from a variety of traditions; including classical vocal training, vocal music therapy methods, conscious breathing, improvisational play and collective experience informed by shamanistic traditions.

Your voice is a formidable bridge connecting your head and heart, your thoughts and feelings. As such it is a powerful tool for healing and facilitating balance in your life. You have the right to be heard! Your voice is a rarity, unlike any other in the world~ and allowing it to blossom & strengthen will provide a powerful means for increased self-awareness, an effective means of working through of past trauma and/or blocks, and a joyful, soulful, passionate celebration of your Self!

About AlySun Panichi

AlySun Panichi is a Board Certified Music Therapist and Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, Vocalist and Songwriter. Aly received her Masters Degree with honors at New York University, and was the recipient of the esteemed Singer Family Fellowship for Graduate Study. Aly earned her bachelors degree in Ethnomusicology from the University of Washington, where she focused on indigenous music healers and shamanic music. These areas combine in Aly’s work as a music therapist as well as a performer.

Tickets: $22 ($20 + $2 fees)

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