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Opening Reception: Ryusen Yamamoto『The flowing clouds & light』

Ouchi Gallery

Jul 2012

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November 24, 2013
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Art News

For a taste of Japanese culture come to Ouchi this Tuesday 7-10PM. A free calligraphy workshop will be taught by Ryusen Yamamoto!
Feel free to bring friends!

TUESDAY, 11/26/2013,
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

WEDNESDAY, 11/27 - SUNDAY, 12/1
12:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Appointment only on Wednesday

Ryusen Yamamoto

1965 Born in Niigata,Japan
1974 Started learning Japanese-calligraphy
1995 Started taking photographs self taught
2003~Calligraphy school,Basics course, Intructor course, Special course
Others:Designed original"love&happiness" T-shirts, name plate of musician's guitar , CD jacket,liquor bottle label,etc
With theme of "The flowing clouds and light" this solo exhibition is a collaboration of photography and calligraphy. Extending beyond the traditional framework of calligraphy,I've unified calligraphy with original photography to express the beauties of nature.
Japanese-calligraphy : Calligraphy National Student Academy Award 1980 42nd Modern Masterpieces Exihibition : Award of Excellence 2010
13th AIDS charity Art Exhibition : Special Award 2010
14th AIDS charity Art Exhibition : Award of Excellence 2011
15th AIDS charity Art Exhibition : Award of Excellence 2012
16th AIDS charity Art Exhibition : Franco Maurilli Art Award 2013
2007 "Sound of making Japanese Paper" Exhibition ,Paris,France
2010 42nd Modern Masterpieces Exhibition, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo 2010 13th AIDS charity Art Exhibition "Title:Love&Happiness",
National Art Center,Tokyo
2010 The first solo Photo Exhibition ,Cafe Green,Kyoto,Japan
2011 14th AIDS charity Art Exhibition "Title:The Mystery of Full Moon" National Art Center,Tokyo
2011 AOZORA AID Photo Exhibition,Yokohama,Japan
2011 The first joint show,cafe&bar R2-town,Tokyo
2011 AOZORA AID Photo Exhibition,Tokyo tower ,Tokyo
2011 10th joint show,cafe&bar R2-town,Tokyo2011 Heart Art Communication Exhibition "North of Japan Earthquake charity",Osaka,Japan
2011 Exihibition for praying for peace,Okinawa,Japan
2012 4th 100Artists Exhibition,Ouchi gallery ,New York
2012 15th AIDS charity Art Exhibition "Title:The beauties of nature" National Art Center,Tokyo
2012 4th 100Artists Exhibition in Ouchi gallery,
Sala dei Templari,Piazza Municipio,Molfetta, Italy
2012 Heart Art Communication Exhibition,
21th Century Museum of Cpmtemporary Art Kanazawa,Japan
2012 38th Tokyo Exihibition,Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo
2012 2nd Sumiyura Sho group Exihibition,Ichys Gallery,Tokyo
2013 16th AIDS charity Art Exhibition,"Title:Imposing & Open the heart and enjoy" ,National Art Center,Tokyo
2013 Heart Art Communication Exhibition,Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo 2013 39th Tokyo Exihibition,Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo

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