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Opening Reception: eiten

Ouchi Gallery

Jul 2012

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December 8, 2013
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Art News

TUESDAY, 1/28/2014,
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

12:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Appointment only on Wednesday

Always live. No rehearsals, no time for hesitation. Art coming from inspiration gained from the surroundings, the conversation & the music around. This is how Eiten crafts his work.
Dynamically placed flowers, buildings, sun, and the connections between them form adventurous and charming art which is highly valued both in Japan and around the world.
He is not just a painter but produces artworks from steel using techniques honed from over 12 years of sculpting with the product.
The vivid curves make you forget you are looking at work produced from the medium of steel.
Eiten's break as an artist came in 2002 with his first exhibition of around 50 of his steel works.
Since then he has gone on to hold many exhibitions not just nationwide, but enjoying success outside Japan in places such as New York & Hong Kong.
In 2012, he came to London as one of 11 artists from Okinawa in the Loochoo exhibition.
He is involved in a wide variety of activities from the painting of shop interiors, designing CD covers, to live painting sessions as a member of the No ProblemÅfs in collaboration with the Okinawan band "The Mongol 800s" (lead singer Kiyosaku Uezu).
"Everything is linked," his own words show, Eiten's will show how art and his life are directly connected. In a live performance.

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