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Big Strokes and Tiny Lines

Dana Crossan

May 2011

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January 2, 2014
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Big strokes and Tiny lines is a two person exhibition with artists Gabe Fonorow and Dana Crossan.

Gabe Fonorow’s work is a study of systems, process, repetition and endurance. Each piece begins with a set of rules. Often, these rules are followed throughout the entire piece. Sometimes, however, an unexpected pattern emerges and a new route is revealed and followed, yielding surprising results. Fonorow’s work focuses on the variety produced by combining machine like repetition with human inconsistencies andimperfections . Its a long, some would say painstaking process. The end result is a visual representation of a madman’s journal comprised of tiny lines on paper.

Dana Crossan is a non-representational painter. She is an innate colorist with an intuitive sense for dynamic composition. Crossan’s work is free and chaotic, engulfed in boldly placed pigment. Her color range reflects her ever-shifting emotional palate. She expresses everything from her mind with color. You’ll find in her recent paintings, text about current artists…raising important questions about the art world and confronting the injustices of that world head-on.

Come to Brooklyn Fire Proof Friday, January 17 at 7-10pm to see how Fonorow and Crossan’s works deal with the chaos and uncertainty of the world in very different ways. Step inside two chaotic minds as they fight to reach a common destination from very different directions.

Curated by: Dana Crossan

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