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OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS (Short Fiction in audio, Music OR Sound Works)

Palaver Press

Jan 2014

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January 29, 2014

For a new audio-literature podcast series by Palaver Press.

[ short fiction (in audio), music OR sound ]

PALAVER PRESS is launching two themed audio-literature podcasts in the Spring of 2014, and we're on the hunt for amazing works of short fiction, music and sound from today's most exciting independent authors and artists! (Please note that we are looking for submissions of only one of the above disciplines, not all three). 

Each 90-minute podcast will feature several narrated short-stories, seamlessly woven together with music, exploring concepts derived from music and compositional theory.

Please read the following instructions and fill out the form at this link:

This is an open call for SHORT FICTION (in audio format), SONGS or SOUND WORKS responding or relevant to a specific theme, either in content or structure. We are only accepting full works of recorded audio at this time. We are not accepting poetry, non-fiction, radio drama or excerpts of longer pieces. 

The two themes for this Open Call are:  PIANO  &  DA CAPO (repetition)

1) PIANO - either involving the piano as an instrument, or making use of the Italian compositional term piano, which means "played softly".
2) DA CAPO (Repetition) - this Italian compositional term signifies the repetition or revisiting of a phrase or movement. 

FICTION STORIES submitted should be between 5 - 20 minutes in duration. 
MUSIC/SOUND WORKS submitted should be between 3 - 10 minutes in duration. 

Deadline : Saturday, March 1, 2014 (11:59pm EST)
Cost : $3 (USD)

Criteria / Eligibility
-Applicant must hold either the rights, or permission of use of submitted pieces, and by submitting to this podcast, the applicant is granting Palaver Press permission to include this material in our broadcast/podcast. 
-Literary submissions can be narrated by anyone, including the author, but must be narrated in English. 
-All pieces must have been written and recorded within the last five years. 
-An applicant may submit up to two works in either format. 
-Acceptable audio formats include mp3, m4a, m4b or AAC. Please do not send WAV or AIFF. 
-All genres of fiction are acceptable. 

Palaver Press will notify all applicants of their status on or by Monday, March 10, 2014 via e-mail. By submitting, applicants are allowing Palaver Press to add their e-mail address to the company's mailing list. Applicants may "unsubscribe" upon receipt of their acceptance status by following the links at the bottom of the e-mail. We are only accepting submissions online. 


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