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Need director for reading of LGBTQ play // event w/ Harvey Milk HS/Rosie's Theater Kids

Mark Jonathan Blane

Oct 2013

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January 24, 2014 

Need experimental/physical theatre/avant-garde stage director to direct a reading of 8 actors in new LGBTQ play, 


Premiered in Chicago in 2012. The NY/East Coast premiere will be in late 2014.

The job is unpaid but is the first of many events this year that can lead to a paid job as director of the new production.

The reading will be for a filmed workshop with creator/activist Mark Blane and students from Harvey Milk High School and Rosie's Theater Kids. 

A talkback session with students, actors and artists will culminate in a 3 hour event.

DATE: end of february or march 2014

To become familar with project, visit the website above and watch the video here.

If interested, email Mark B or Josh R at

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