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Call to Tattoo Artists

Tabla Rasa Gallery

Aug 2007

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January 24, 2014
Tabla Rasa Gallery is considering a presentation of artwork done by people practicing tattoo arts. This would be an exhibition of works done OFF THE SKIN, ie: works on paper, canvas, or sculpture, but not photographs of anything done directly on skin. Right now, we are in the initial phase of researching whether artwork is available that would be an appropriate fit with the gallery. 
We are interested in personalized expressions by creative individuals who also practice tattoo arts. We are NOT interested in imagery that is "typically" assumed to be associated with tattoo arts, such as roses and dripping daggers.
Please feel free to visit our website ( ) to become familiar with the character of Tabla Rasa shows. If you feel that your artwork may fit this exhibition opportunity, please submit up to three (3) JPEGs or direct links to artworks that are available.  Send to BOTH to AND our co-curator GG Stankiewicz,, subject line: OFF THE SKIN.  Thank you!

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