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Free Visual Arts Program for Teens

Horizons Leadership Project

Feb 2013

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Feb 4-May 15 2014
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January 28, 2014



Visual Arts Program: Middle & High School Aged Young People

Number of participants: 12 to 15

Date of Program: February 4th until May 15th  

Days Tuesdays & Thursdays

Location: Downtown Brooklyn


Academic Program:  There will be two primary goals for the academic program.  The first will look to provide the young people in the program academic support.  This will be accomplished through a tutoring program and one on one sessions aimed at establishing short and long term goals for the year.  The secondary goal will be to educate the young people about the impact of health care disparities & the lack of access to quality health care in poor communities and communities of color in NYC.  While working with the Pratt Institute of design and other community partners we will work  to both educate the youth and create new community resources for them and their peers. 

Visual Arts Program:  Students will learn about drawing, painting, sculpture, and other disciplines through the lens of the Elements and Principles of Design. The young people will develop their technical and verbal skill sets while also having their art appreciation advanced as they are exposed to a number of artists, art movements and art works.  At the conclusion of the program the young people will display the art they create for their families and friends at their own art show.


Overall:  To provide a safe enjoyable space were young people will grow and find a sense of direction and support.


For More Information Please Call: 718-344-3178 

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