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CaFA Film Nights - Guyana Edition

The Caribbean Film Academy

Sep 2013

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January 30, 2014
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Come join us for our monthly Caribbean film screening series, where we share the best in emerging Caribean cinema.  Refreshments will be served.

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The Seawall
by Mason Richards
Narrative Short
Guyana, 2011

The Seawall is a narrative short film shot entirely on location in Georgetown, Guyana, and centers around Marjorie, a Guyanese woman, as she prepares for her 10-year old grandson’s move to America to be with his mother. Struggling with loneliness, and abandonment, audiences watch as Marjorie sacrifices her happiness for her grandson’s future. Watch the trailer here.

by Kojo McPherson
Narrative Short
Guyana, 2012

Nyoike (‘Nyo’), in an attempt to get back into the rhythm of his life, returns to his bar after spreading the ashes of his wife, Hope, on the Georgetown seawall. Still reeling from the loss he is not in a hospitable mood when his longtime friend and photographer, Fargus, shows up uninvited. Fargus fails to engage Nyo and leaves a picture he had taken of Nyo and Hope on the counter. Nyo’s wedding ring, and now this picture, are all that he has left of his wife.  Watch the trailer here.

Tin City Voices
by Elijah Marchand
Guyana/Canada, 2013

'Tin City Voices' is the story of survival in a third world slum. Filmmaker Elijah Marchand explores a shantytown in Georgetown, Guyana. His purpose is to find hope amongst the struggles of an unnoticed population. We discover the story of an abused woman, a pregnant mother, and a man struggling to find redemption for his violent life. Their stories do not intersect but run parallel. The film uncovers the psychological environment that confines each of the characters. As Elijah searches, camera in hand, through alleys that form the puzzle pieces of the ghetto, we are taken through a stirring story of rebirth and forgiveness amongst despair and violence.  Watch the trailer here.

Rebecca's Story
by the Youth of the Witness Project
Dramatic Short
Guyana, 2014

An orphaned young reader imagines escape from her grandmother's punitive custody, when a sudden visit from a neighbor reveals a better way out.

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