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Summer Residency Program & Group Hike

The School of Making Thinking

Feb 2013

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February 9, 2014

The School of Making Thinking- an experimental college and residency program for artists and thinkers -  is pleased to announce its Summer 2014 program.  This year we will be leading a 4-6 day group hike at the end of May, along with two, 3-week residencies throughout the months of June and July. The residencies will take place at our fantastic 2012 location: the Yellow House in upstate New York.

This year’s hike "A Summit on a Summit" will be a mobile conference of creative individuals each of which will get an opportunity to give both pre-planned and spontaneous creative presentations.  Our two, 3-week residencies at the Yellow House (Session A: "Between Nature and Culture // Reconstructing Wildness" & Session B: "Unthinking/Unknowing") will each offer 1-2 classes that circle around a specific theme, giving residents an opportunity for rigorous thinking that will feed into their own individual creative practices.

All of our sessions this summer attempt to challenge the notion that the best environment in which to make creative work is one with vast amounts of time alone in a studio or by a writing desk (i.e. the traditional model of a residency program)

Each class will be taught by a professional in their field who is building their course as an exploration in both content and method.  Classes will feature traditional methods - lecture, discussion, readings – and innovative pedagogies – walks, wanderings, movement exercises, storytelling, collective writing exercises, etc.  Our hope is that these classes thrust the residents into a path of focused questioning and experimentation that provides intellectual and creative fodder for thinking and making.

Residents are encouraged not to arrive at SMT with a thoroughly planned project proposal, but rather a loose collection of ideas and practices that they are excited about exploring. After five days, residents will be asked to provide a written project proposal outlining what they hope to accomplish during the remainder of the residency.  SMT faculty will meet with each resident to help brainstorm the most productive collaborative structures for realizing their projects.  In addition to many informal conversations, critiques and workshops, residents will have the opportunity to formally present work-in-process twice during the session.

COSTS: The cost of a 3-week session is $500 and our hike costs $150; both of which include lodging and 3 daily meals.

Please visit our website ( to find out more info and apply.

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