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Helene Mukhtar offers a powerful sensory experience with a new video, sculpture and painting install

helene P mukhtar

Mar 2009

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February 15, 2014
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Art News

 In this installation, Helene Mukhtar combines videos, sculptures and paintings for the first time. A painter by training, she expands her imaginary world into new art forms in a burst of colors, textures and forms.

 In the two animations on display, she blends her paintings with photographs and videos with unexpected power. The spectator is led into vibrant, mesmerizing and gripping journeys. From the dreamlike trip on the beach and under water with her piece entitled “Fantasies On The Beach” to the tender treatment of children caught in a disturbing world entitled “Exodus”.

 The movies are played on her abstract plaster sculptures, which provide a fluid backdrop to the scenes.

 Accompanying her “video-sculptures” are her latest paintings where she mixes bright, vivid color with an expressionist painting style. Her favorite cast of characters, animal and human forms alike, occupy center stage. Birds often play a dominant role, mostly benevolent witnesses in this strange, uneasy world.

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