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ARTIST AS GUIDE: A Creative Arts Therapy Group for Artists-Now Forming In Park Slope

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March 3, 2014

Are you experiencing blocks and challenges that stifle your creative exploration? Are you struggling to define the message of your work? What is standing in the way of reaching your vision?A new Creative Arts Therapy group is now forming in Park Slope to serve as a support in exploring and examining the challenges, difficulties and opportunities specific to the role of the Artist.

What: ARTIST AS GUIDE: A Creative Arts Therapy group for Artistic Professionals & Those Passionate About Their Process

Where: 247 Prospect Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215

When: An ongoing Creative Arts Therapy group that meets bi-monthly Wednesdays at 7:30pm (Group duration is 90 minutes)

Additional information: $35 per session.  Group size is extremely limited.  Contact Jenny Velarde-Ragan MA, LCAT, RDT at to learn more about enrollment.  

Please visit for further information.

Benefits for the Artist

  • Identifying fears and patterns that block creative freedom

  • Spontaneously exploring new roles that can nurture the art making process

  • Exploring and rejuvenating the wounded parts of the Artist role

  • Defining an artistic mission

  • Clarifying personal creative integrity

  • Practicing and rehearsing new behaviors that encourage the expansion of the Artist role

  • Discovering ways in which the Artist role can inform others parts of one's life

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