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Meaning Cleaning Call for Participation!

Angela Rose Voulgarelis

Jan 2008

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Posted on:
September 7, 2008
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On the Street, Community-based
Meaning Cleaning Call for Participation Meaning Cleaning is pleased to announce that their proposal for a collective public cleaning performance has been accepted for this year's cycle of Art In Odd Places, taking place in New York City in October 2008! Meaning Cleaning is the artistic collaboration organized between Hayley Severns and Angela Rose Voulgarelis Illgen. The two independent artists began working together in 2005 and have since collectively cleaned public spaces in Europe and in the US. Collaborating and performing together is a way for both artists to document the process of activating public spaces, taking responsibility for shared environments, cleansing spaces of past experiences, and bringing notions of "women's work" into the public sphere. This is a call for participation! Meaning Cleaning is looking for volunteers who want to participate in their October 2008 Art In Odd Places performance. We hope to have a very substantial amount of participants and need motivated volunteers. We are now asking YOU, man or woman, to join us! Meaning Cleaning participants would be dressed professionally and would begin sweeping the sidewalks from both East and West ends of 14th street in Manhattan to meet in the middle at Union Square. Supplied with simple push brooms and rubber kitchen gloves, our aim would be to push the debris from the street in one continuous pile until it reaches the desired meeting location, and then cart the debris away collectively. As we activate the space, we welcome interaction with the public. We'll also play with some of the expected roles and unsaid rules that come along with the sectioning off of "high brow" and "low brow" partitioning of public spaces. The performance can exist on one day, or may be repeated over the course of the month on weekends. We will send out more specific dates and times to those who are interested once scheduling is confirmed. To sign up If you are going to be in New York in October 2008 and would like to participate in the upcoming performance(s), please contact either artist via email below for more details: Hayley Severns: Angela Rose Voulgarelis Illgen: Please forward this to others who would want to participate in our October performance and help spread the word! Thank you in advance, Meaning Cleaning/ Hayley and Angela Rose Meaning Cleaning

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