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$14K in 2014 for Colloquy Collective!

Colloquy Collective

Jun 2013

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April 1, 2014
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Crowdfunding Campaigns

“Have a belief in yourself that is bigger than anyone's disbelief.” 

― August Wilson

Colloquy Collective began as a belief that seeing ourselves and our experiences on stage is transformative. A belief that the good answers are only found by asking hard questions. A belief that the images and stories we take for granted are incomplete and deserve to be challenged. A belief that good theater can be inclusive, engaging, and accessible. 

Thanks to your support, those beliefs became realities.

Now in its second year, Colloquy Collective is doing more than ever. We have launched Collective Contexts, a bi-weekly book club for plays which engages actors and audiences, playwrights and the public, novices and professionals in compelling discussions about theater, art, and community. Recently, this program was awarded a grant through the Brooklyn Arts Council's Local Arts Support.

We also produced a showcase of Wine in the Wilderness by Alice Childress and a reading of A Photograph: Lovers in Motion by Ntozake Shange with the New Brooklyn Theater as part of the Bed-Stuy Alive! Festival.

Your continued support creates new opportunities and conversations.

By using free or reduced-cost space, cloud-based technology, and in-kind or bartered resources, Colloquy Collective remains committed to having maximum impact at minimum expense. Minimum expense, however, is not no expense. We remain committed to paying our artists and collaborators and we need your help to keep that going. 

Your tax-deductible contribution goes directly toward: 

  • production costs (e.g. artists fees, sets, costumes, props)
  • program costs (e.g. books, collaborator fees, rehearsal space, printed materials)
  • administrative costs (e.g. travel, shipping, 501(c)3 filing, insurance).
  • Plus, there are goods!

Every dollar makes a difference - it allows us to properly respect the time, talent, and effort of the people who make the work we do possible. Your contributions will also allow Colloquy Collective to file for its own federal tax-exempt status. This opens more doors for funding, collaboration, and growth. We will tell more and better stories; create new and more complex conversations; and challenge more perspectives.

Help us reach $14,000 total raised in 2014! 

If you have any questions, or want to reach out directly with support in a different way, please e-mail

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