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"Game Show" exhibition opening at Fowler Project Space on May 9, 2014, 7-10pm.

Fowler Arts Collective

Sep 2010

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April 26, 2014
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Fowler Project Space is pleased to present, Game Show, an exhibition of six artists who engage with the idea of “game” in very different ways. By altering or re-contextualizing the materials, structures, behaviors, or rules of an existing game, each artist highlights the possibilities of frustration and failure inherent in any game. This exhibition includes video, installation, sculpture, and photography by artists Ted Carey, Kurt Freyer, Elizabeth Hoy, Shanjana Mahmud, Cecelia Post, and Emilie Selden.

Game Show examines how the games we play mirror the human condition. In his essay, “The Art of Failure: ...On the Pain of Playing Video Games,” Jesper Juul writes about how paradoxical it is that we expose ourselves repeatedly to the feelings of inadequacy that "game failure" can bring. The only explanation is that "games promise us a fair chance of redeeming ourselves. This distinguishes game failure from failure in our regular lives." Games promise that we can, in some small way, experience the validation of victory. On the flip side, we are certain to experience the small-scale disaster of defeat’s loss and humiliation. However, unlike in real life, we are guaranteed another turn, another attempt to fix what went wrong. In Game Show, there are few promises and even fewer chances at validation, but the fun is in the trying, right?

Please join us for Game Show’s opening reception on Friday, May 9th from 7-10pm. The opening will coincide with the Spring 2014 Greenpoint Gallery Night during which 12+ galleries in Greenpoint open their doors for extended gallery hours. We will also be holding a closing reception and poetry reading, BONUS ROUND, organized by Luke Degnan and Sponsored by BOMB Magazine. on Sat., June 7th at 6pm.

Game Show will be on view until June 7th. Fowler's gallery hours are held on Saturdays from 12-5pm. The exhibition can also be viewed by appointment at any time. For more information on the exhibition and artists, go here:

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