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Romeo and Juliet

Falconworks Artists Group

Sep 2007

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Jun 6-15 2014
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May 29, 2014
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Shakespeare’s tragic tale of “death-marked” love set in a world of social upheaval and rebellion ripped from international headlines. Falconworks Artists Group’s Romeo and Juliet will feature Red Hook youth, community members, and a support network of theater artists in a production that explores the notion of “two houses, both alike in dignity” whose “ancient grudge” leads to tragic loss.

Featuring: Korede Amole, Camille Atkinson, Stephanie Batchelder, Matt Behan, Joseph Caintic, Becky Chong, Elizabeth Claflin, Christian Fletcher, Margot Fletcher, Lucas Fontoura, Dontae McCoy, Suzannah Herschkowitz, Olivia Hockenberry, Vanduncan Johnson-Phillips, Loubens Louis, Ciarán MacArtain , Gloria Sarah “sinew” McWilliams, Jomack Miranda, Michael Moriah, Adam Raickovich, Anne O’Neil, Pauline Pechin, Max Pettit, Amber Rhabb, David Siciliano, Becca Stabile, Tania Villanueva, Michelle Wagstaffe and Konstantina Yaneva. Directed by Reg Flowers

June 6, 7, 12, 13, 14 @ 8pm
June 8, 14, 15 @ 3pm
Tickets $25
202 Coffey Street
(across from Valentino Pier)
Red Hook, Brooklyn


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