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Park Slope Community Dreamscape Project

Hovey Brock

May 2014

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May 27, 2014
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Park Slope Community Dreamscape Project (PSCDP)
WHERE – Old Stone House & Washington Park – either in JJ Byrne Playground or near the Fifth Avenue entrance to the playground
WHEN – Interviews to take place from 2 PM to 5 PM on Sundays
June 1st   June 8th    June 15th   July 20th    September 7th  September 21st

The PSCDP is a socially engaged art project that aims to create a new dimension of community awareness. Over a period of several months, artist Hovey Brock will collect dream narratives from residents and visitors through a series of recorded interviews. These narratives will be transcribed and published anonymously to a blog available to the public.

At the end of the dream collection period, the first 50 dreams published on-line will be collated into a catalog.

The Case for the PSCDP and Its Partnership with the Old Stone House

The pervasiveness of social media has shifted notions of public and private, creating a new social space marked by anonymous intimacy. Through chat rooms, Facebook and other vehicles, users routinely share information with strangers that they might balk at sharing face-to-face. Social media presents the opportunity to carve out virtual communities in which all participants have equal footing. The PSCDP takes advantage of these developments to offer an inclusive platform that reflects the psychological life of this community-minded neighborhood.

Goal and Objectives of the PSCDP

The goal of the PSCDP is to orchestrate a series of events that, by exposing a layer of people’s lives normally inaccessible to all but an intimate few to a larger group, brings greater cohesion to the community. To put it simply, greater mutual understanding brings greater compassion and shared sense of purpose. The events have three objectives: collection, collation and presentation.

  1. Collection: Each contributor will tell one dream, and then, if he or she chooses, pose for a photograph, with the face concealed to maintain anonymity. The location for the collection will be in front of the JJ Byrne Playground/Washington Park.
  2. Collation: All recorded dreams will be transcribed, collated and uploaded to the PSCDP Tumblr. The transcribed dream and photograph (if taken), once uploaded, will receive a number denoting its place in the order of interviews. Visitors to the PSCDP Tumblrcan scroll through the different narratives. It is here that visitors can get a sense of the affective landscape of the community. ThePSCDP Tumblr description will also mention the partnership with the OSH and direct traffic to its website. The PSCDP will have its own Facebook page so that readers of the Tumblr can talk to each other.
  3. Presentation: The PSCDP will hold a reception and exhibit at the OSH  in early 2015 to commemorate the project’s end.

We look forward to sharing your dreams!


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