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REFORM Islamic Geometry

Zachary Joslow

Jan 2013

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Jun 19-Aug 1 2014
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June 15, 2014
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This is the beginning of a formal investigation in which two dimensional geometries are translated into three dimensional forms. Islamic geometries suggest infinite extents of complex, mathematical patterns and derivations. Each pattern can be reduced to a simple base geometry. In fact, many seemingly different patterns are created from the same underlying geometry. Fields of symmetries, linear and radial, demonstrate the boundlessness of these intricate patterns.

Islamic geometries are found throughout the world and across many cultures. Within Islamic culture, religious depiction manifests itself through scripture, representation of flora, and geometric patterns. The anonymity of geometric form allows even the most sacred Islamic geometries to detach from their religious context and be perceived purely as form. Most often, these geometries are represented two dimensionally through tiles, stone work, and tapestries.

Through the medium of birch plywood, and the process of cutting, bending, and fastening along embedded geometric lines, Islamic geometries are reformed into volumetric constructs. Differences between light and dark, inside and outside, solid and void become accentuated and space is able to be created. Each geometry yields endless possibility to transform and aggregate infinitely, and demands rigorous attention and actuation of form.

Please join us for the opening reception on Thursday, June 19, 6-10pm

Hadas Gallery 541 Myrtle Ave Brooklyn NY 11025

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