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Irina Danilova

Sep 2011

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August 15, 2014

Project 59, Inc is pleased to announce an Open Call for the fourth project in the BRURAL series of collaboration between artists and curators from greater Brooklyn, US and the Ural region in Russia, the exhibition BRURAL: Multivariate Structures with artist and curator from Nizhnij Tagil, Vladimmir Seleznev.  

Nizhnij Tagil is one of the oldest Russian industrial cities in the Ural region. It was founded as an ironstone mining town near the former Tall Mountain that through the years transformed from a mountain into a crater, filled with industrial waste and sewage. "Where stood the Mountain Tall there is now a deep hole" is a common saying in Nizhnij Tagil. This environmental negative space became a key influence for local artists to fill the post industrial voids. The first metallurgical plant built in Nizhnij Tagil by famous Tsar industrialist Demidov, was closed and turned into an industrial museum. Two giant Soviet plants are in permanent decline from the early 1990s, when politics changed and the city stopped developing and growing. Such an atmosphere in a depleted city became a special circumstance for local artists who treat it as a ready-made environment and transform it into art forms. They take into their secondary cultural by processing the space of the city, its waste and ruins, often as intruders, change the meaning of reality, bring new structure, find new significance.

We are looking for artists, preferably from Brooklyn, who work with the environment, use and alter reality, recycle and re-create. We are looking for art that reflects, utilizes, transforms and reinterprets.

Send proposals for Vladimir Seleznev to  with BRURAL in the subject line, including your general information, project description and work samples. Bio/resume/statement are optional. Work samples are preferred via exact links  (url, facebook, etc.) or Google drive share of one PDF document with all the images and descriptions. Video on your website or or only.

Deadline: September 10.

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