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Wage/Working: Brooklyn Listening Event

Laura Hadden

Sep 2013

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Sep 24, 2014
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September 21, 2014
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Join us at Splitty (415 Myrtle Ave in Brooklyn, between Vanderbilt and Clinton) for a listening event featuring a jukebox full of stories from workers in Clinton Hill.


Wage/Working is a community-based art project by Tennessee Watson and Laura Hadden that uses oral history to address the issue of income inequality and the concept of wage through a time-based audio installation. 

Stories and audio from workers are gathered and edited to a length which corresponds with the amount of time it takes the worker to earn $1. Those who earn the least are given the most time to speak, drawing attention to the contrast between the workers at the both ends of the range and profiling workers across the spectrum. Once edited, these stories are used to create an album (one for each worker) that is then placed inside of a jukebox. The jukebox is hosted in public spaces throughout the community where residents are invited to interact with the jukebox, listen to the stories, and reflect on the working lives of residents as well as the impact of income inequality on their local community. 

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