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Call for Members of PointB Visionhub 2015

PointB Visionhub

Oct 2014

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October 6, 2014

What is a Visionhub?


A Visionhub is a small group of independent working creatives formed to enhance a common core vision....

(to read more:


Spaces available: 


  Individual and collective studio/workspaces

   - 4 studios available for 6 month - 1 year sublets - $2,800 month

   - 2 studios for 1 - 4 month sublets - $2,300 month

   - 1 presentation studio available for daily rentals

   (for prices and site plan:


  The core of PointB Visionhub is ‘The Hub’

   - A physical 3-level program space for lectures, workshops and events; houses our reference library.  

   - In-house members can organize, curate, and participate in all monthly programming.


  Rooftop deck and greenhouse available for community use


Who we’re looking for:


Global, creative professionals and innovators whose work strengthens the crossovers between art, science, design, and spirituality.


Interview / Application: 


  Follow PointB Visionhub link below and please include:

   1.  A link to your website or Curriculum Vitae for consideration

   2.  How you intend to use a studio/workspace and the time period of sublet

   3.  How you think a Visionhub will strengthen your projects, while strengthening a core vision




  PointB Visionhub:

  Submit responses to Kartini Ludwig:

  Mark Parrish, founder of PointB:


Submission Deadline: October 31, 2014

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