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December 11, 2014
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December 12th-January 5th 2015

                                   THE STRUGGLE AGAINST VIOLENCE    

                                              HEALING TRAUMA THROUGH ART   


BROOKLYN, NEW YORK  (Dec. 11, 2014) – The common threads of trauma between the synagogue shooting, Eric Garner, Ferguson, and the children experiencing the recent violent attacks in Israel are being examined side-by-side in Brooklyn. The Bridge Multicultural Advocacy Project (MCP) will host the "Healing Trauma Through Art " interactive workshops in conjunction with Artists 4 Israel (A4I). The art series was designed to confront and heal the pain associated with gun violence and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  The art workshops, film series, and multicultural exhibit will unlock emotions and present healing methods to reconnect positive feelings during stressful encounters. The official Free opening ceremony and fundraiser will be held at The Bridge MCP on Thursday, December 18th  from 6:00PM-11:00PM - 1894 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn NY 11210.  On Friday December 12th at 1pm, NYPD Precinct 63 and the Explorers Teens will be the first group to experience the therapeutic art workshop. 



The Healing Arts Workshops – This new therapeutic art treatment may be arriving just in time for New York as the city grapples with police procedures and local news events. Artists 4 Israel (A4I) has developed a novel PSTD therapy that can be used by parents with no training and even children working with the exercises on their own. The Healing Arts Kit fits into a compact box and is the “first-aid-equivalent” for treatment in the immediate aftermath of traumatic situations. Originally, developed to help children who had experienced terrorist attacks in Israel, the kit is now being evolved to treat any victim suffering from trauma. The therapy was successfully field-tested this summer with children who had suffered through Hamas rocket fire along the Israel-Gaza border. The Director of A4I, Craig Dershowitz, states “our goal is that someday soon every school and ambulance will be equipped with these kits that can stop trauma in its tracks.” Special group tours available. 


Film Screening – On Saturday December 20th 4:30PM - 6:00PM, The Bridge MCP will debut the film "Our Mothers' Voices” Directed by Jeffery "Slice” Morton. The film features interviews and heart wrenching reflections from devastated mothers including the mother of Eric Garner, Mrs. Gwendolyn Carr.  The film highlights the pain of gun violence from the perspective of the victim’s mothers. Immediately following the screening will be a short Q&A session with Mrs. Carr and the director. $10 donation and RSVP required. 


Exhibit: The Art of Resilience and the 'Bomb Shelter Museum'  From December 12th-January 5th a special feature for this experimental art workshop, will be the A4I multi-media "Bomb Shelter Museum" installation. The 8x10x10 unit EXACTLY simulates living through a rocket attack.  For the first time in Brooklyn, community members will have an opportunity to experience the frightening realistic details of living through a Hamas rocket attack. The Bomb Shelter Museum will be a tremendous opportunity for dialogue between our diverse ethnic community members and American-Jewish students as they together grapple with violence on the international level. Surrounding the Shelter throughout the gallery will be an artistic exhibit of works created by children and adults suffering through trauma and reaching towards resilience. These paintings and drawings come from from A4I's most recent trip to Israel and were gathered literally as rockets fell upon these communities. Special group tours are available.


A4I Director, Craig Dershowitz, hopes that “this combined exhibition will present resilience in the face of trauma as universal attributes which unite the people of Brooklyn and of the world.” Organizations interested in booking the art therapy workshops or host healing discussion for our community should contact: Dorinda Angelucci - Project Manager| 917.497.0306 |



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