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Michael Levinton

Aug 2011

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Mar 5-21 2015
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February 24, 2015

The Brick Theater, Inc. + Little Lord present


A caffeinated ride through sex, death, deer, and Zionism

by Michael Levinton, Laura von Holt, + Little Lord
directed by Michael Levinton

March 5-21 @ The Brick, 579 Metropolitan Ave. @ Lorimer St., Brooklyn
Tickets and information here:

Sure, you cried when you watched the animated classic Bambi...but how well do you know the real story? Little Lord uncovers just what lies behind those beloved doe eyes in BAMBIF*CKER/KAFFEHAUS, a madcap examination of early 20th century Vienna and of the forgotten artist behind both the world's most beloved deer, as well as its most scandalous piece of pornography. Copious amounts of coffee, the birth of psychoanalysis, sexualized rabbits, The Sound of Music, and Zionism all come together in Little Lord's makeshift, pop-up Viennese café. Your childhood will thank you.

BAMBIF*CKER/KAFFEEHAUS is based on an unlikely duo of works by the Viennese-Jewish author Felix Salten: the pornographic faux memoir, Josefine Mutzenbacher, The Life Story of a Viennese Whore and his arguably more famous novel Bambi, A Life in the Woods. Staged in an immersive style, BAMBIF*CKER/KAFFEEHAUS audiences become café goers. $18 tickets provide your entrance into Little Lord’s pop up coffee house, while $25 tickets get you Bambi Bucks™ to spend in the café on snacks, such as hot chocolate and toaster strudel. Group rates are also available.

Performed by Alex Birnie, Dominic Finocchiaro, Joshua William Gelb, Elizabeth Barrett Groth, Polly Lee*, Michael Levinton*, and Laura von Holt (with a special appearance by Anne Gridley)

Designed by Elizabeth Barrett Groth (sets/costumes), Natalie Robin (lights), and Serena Wong(associate lights), Gavin Price (sound).

Choreography by Whitney G-Bowley
Production Stage Manager – Kaitlin Nemeth
Assistant Stage Manager – David G.R. Brummer
Production Manager – Liz Nielsen

Little Lord is a Brooklyn-based theater company that produces fun, irreverent and intelligent theater, merging big-scale theatricality with homemade resources. Focusing on offbeat adaptations of classic (or neglected) texts, Little Lord plunders the theatrical canon in order to forge new plays out of old parts. Most recently: "Pocahontas, and/or America" at The Bushwick Starr

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