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Call For Entries for Kosmosis Zine & Mixtape Volume II: Grand Disasters


Feb 2015

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February 25, 2015

Announcing an open call for entries for Kosmosis Zine & Mixtape Volume II: Grand Disasters

Art submission guidelines:

Artists are welcome to submit work in any medium, including but certainly not limited to: drawing, painting, collage, mixed media, sculpture, design, illustration, photography, etc. Please bear in mind that the final image will be approximately 5.25 x 8.25 inches vertical, or in some cases, a horizontal 2-page spread of 8.25 x 10.5 inches. The zine will be printed in black and white so please submit work that is either already in grayscale, or that you feel comfortable having us (tastefully) convert to b&w. Image resolution should be at least 300 dpi. You are welcome to submit up to 5 pieces for consideration.

Writing submission guidelines:

We are really striving to include a diverse selection of writing in this zine. We invite you to challenge yourself and think about what message you want to send to the world. We, are, of course, seeking the talents of established writers and those who possess a true passion for the written word, but we also want to extend a special invitation to those who may not have as much experience writing seriously, but may possess a unique perspective, opinion, depth of knowledge, or maybe just a “voice” that they want to share with the world. That being said, we are seeking entries that include but are not limited to essays, poetry, prose, short fiction, editorials, interviews, articles of all kinds. Review an album! Profile an artist! Interview a local business owner! Tell us how it is! Tell us your story. Give us a good dose of culture and a healthy dash of locality, and we will be super happy :-)

There is no limit on words, and writers may submit up to 3 pieces for consideration.


Is there something that we’re missing? Something that you can imagine in the pages of a super rad zine? Do it! Crossword puzzles, optical illusions, horoscopes, recipes, a guide to bird watching, anything! Really! Your brain is going to be what makes this zine super special, and we look forward to seeing what you create.

The Mixtape

Kosmosis will be released with a corresponding mixtape, which will be available for free streaming online. The purchase of the physical copy of the zine will include a download code, as well. The mixtape will not necessarily be thematic, but will rather be curated to create a cohesive collection of music that you will want to listen to over and over again! So get in on it! Artists are welcome to submit up to 3 songs for consideration. (.wav or .aiff files formats are preferred!)


-The deadline for submissions is Friday, March 20th. Submissions can be sent via email to We plan on releasing the print version of the zine in early May with a multifaceted art and music event where zines will be available for purchase. If you have a DIY space or venue that you think would work, or if you have any ideas for performances or installations, get in touch!

-The theme of this issue is “Grand Disasters”, but entries do not have to adhere strictly to the theme. We’re interested to see what this concept means to you as an artist. At the end of the day, the works that we select will be chosen based on overall merit, as well as how they fit into the cohesive structure, balance, and aesthetics of the zine.

-Based on past experience, we anticipate a high volume of quality submissions for both the zine and mixtape. While this is super amazing, it also unfortunately means that we may not be able to include every artist in this edition. Please know that we appreciate each and every one of you, and have respect for the hard work and creativity that you put into your craft. Even if we are not able to include you in this edition, we hope that we may be able to in the future, and we thank you for your support!

-Kosmosis is run entirely by volunteers. Any money made from the sale of the zines will go towards cover printing costs, and hopefully will help us in producing a higher quality zine next year. Maybe even in color! If you are interested in volunteering, please get in touch!

Feel free to share this with other artists, writers, musicians, and creatives that you think might be interested! And be sure to email with any questions, comments, or concerns.

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