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OPEN CALL for artist-in-residence

The Artist Volunteer Center

Aug 2013

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April 13, 2015


This year's program is open to foreign-born and first generation American artists!


Jason Maas has once again been hired to develop and lead Engaging Artists, a socially-conscious residency program produced by the nonprofit More Art. The Artist Volunteer Center is one of the partners on this incredibly meaningful program that connects artists with volunteering, encourages artmaking from direct action, provides connections in the fields of fine art, activism and advocacy and offers participating artists free studio space and access to grants.

Last year, the theme was homelessness, and 15 artists were selected to volunteer in homeless shelters in partnering organizations all across the city. It is estimated that 3000 New Yorkers were served during the run of the program. Learn more about that program below and come join us on MARCH 28th for an art show of the 2014 residents' work! 



“There she lies, the great Melting-Pot—Listen! Can’t you hear the roaring and the bubbling? There gapes her mouth, the harbor where a thousand mammoth feeders come from the ends of the world to pour in their human freight”

-Israel Zangwill, The Melting Pot (1908)

New York City is known historically as a city of immigrants, and today it continues to be. The latest city-wide census cited over 37% of the population identifying as foreign born – the highest percentage in over 100 years.

Engaging Artists honors and supports this vital part of the community by offering a residency program open exclusively to foreign-born and first generation American artists. Participating artists will engage in long-term volunteer projects to connect with seniors and aging populations in their community and cross-culturally.

The program encourages local artists to deepen their understanding of socially engaged art through direct action involving volunteer opportunities and interactive weekly workshops. During a six-week period, participants will be required to volunteer at least a half a day per week at local cultural organizations, organizations that serve seniors, in particular immigrant seniors. Artists will have the chance to propose their own volunteer project, if they so choose. More Art will provide introductions to organizations and help artists establish and seek out new partnerships. Volunteering is a direct action that will also provide artists with inspiration for artmaking, which will be encouraged in the artists’ collaborative workspace. The program will culminate in an art show and a chance to apply for a grant to further the work created during the program. Selected artists must commit to attend the full speaker program and studio project night series (see timeline below). This program is provided free of cost to artists.

Artists will be provided free professional development, a collaborative workspace, as well as art show and grant opportunities. A speaker program will offer the artists context, insight, and connections with professionals in the fields of fine art and activism. Studio project nights will offer the artists collaborative art projects to work together on and/ or spur new ideas for each artist’s individual practice.

Artists who are foreign born or first generation Americans are eligible for the program. Preference will be given to artists who identify strongly with their homeland or parents’ homeland and have found unique ways to connect and keep their culture alive in New York City. Though a strong background in community organizing and involvement is preferred, it is not required. Artists who want to further their relationship with their culture and the many cultures present in New York are encouraged to apply.

APPLY NOW: ENGAGING ARTISTS 2015 APPLICATION (All application must be submitted by April 19th at 11:59pm)


April 19th at 11:59pm: Applications due

May 1st : applicants notified of their selection

Residents will begin determining their volunteer project with More Art

May 14th: Orientation 7-9pm location TBA

May 26th: Tuesday workshop, speaker series, and six week volunteering period begins

(Workshops will run 7-10pm at Manhattan location TBA, Studio project nights will run on Thursdays from 7-10pm at the collaborative workspace, location TBA)

June 4st: Studio access (location TBA) begins

June 9th: Workshop

June 11th: Studio project night

June 16th: Workshop

June 23th: Workshop

June 25rd: Studio project night

June 30th: Workshop

July 2th Studio project night

July 7th: Workshop

July 16th: Studio project night

July 23st: Studio access ends

August 13th: Meeting

September 10th: Final meeting

October 15th: Grant applications due

December 4th: Final show


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