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"Blind Trust" by Peter Fox at Front Room Gallery

Front Room Gallery

Sep 2012

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May 4, 2015
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Front Room gallery is proud to present "Blind Trust" a solo exhibition of new paintings by Peter Fox. Expanding on his signature style of drip painting, Peter Fox’s spilled paint works have taken on bold gestural movements.  Referencing formal systems of Abstract Painting, this series explores the language of relational color, as articulated through layered processes.  Each composition is developed through variance and repetition, and evolves with the allowance of chance. 


These works expand on the concept of ‘line’, defined by color relationships; as each movement is recorded on the surface of the paintings, the poured paint is transformed into a drawing device. The fluid lines of paint transmit veins of parallel color, which develop into abstracted forms, evoking aspects of surrealist figuration.


The negative space of the picture plane is recovered in these works, balanced with the thick intensity of the waves of color.  Fox has re-contextualized the painting’s surface, allowing for a nuanced volume of space, the surface texture in its plump volume floats on the ebbing forward movement of the illusionary space of a white atmospheric ground. 


This series presents a new take on pixelation, Fox’s work in “Blind Trust” distorts a color grouping from spherical drops to elongated color flows, which are swept across the canvas, spread and stretched in all different directions. The fluid ribbons of paint whip and weave in and out of one another, fusing and gathering strains of color with each movement. The resulting work captures the action of each pour and a presents a lyrical representation of the artists’ creative actions.

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