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Helene Mukhtar curates and presents an Art Video program on Brooklyn Free Speech Television

helene P mukhtar

Mar 2009

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May 5, 2015
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Art News

Airdate: Thursday, 5/15/2015

Time: 7:00 pm

Channel: Time Warner 34 / Cablevision 67 / RCN 82 /

Verizon FiOS 42

Or to watch online, BPN Channel 1 visit:


In this program entitled “Nuggets, an Art Video Smorgasbord”, Helene Mukhtar brings video art to a television viewing audience beyond the traditional circle of gallery aficionados.

The artists she selected for her show work with the medium in many different ways, from robotics to traditional cartoon animations. The  films are short therefore the title of the program. They run from 40 seconds to 4 minutes.


Along with her own work, she is presenting the work of Adrianne Wortzel (The Battle of the Pyramids), Claire Fouquet (Cheri, Viens Voir), Joseph Keckler (The Ride) and Scott Gelber (Doom II; The Circular Ruins).


From her own animation work, she selected two pieces, oneentitled the City Is Burning, the other Exodus. Beyond the beautiful colors and  engaging visuals and animation, they both reflect on serious contemporary issues.


Brooklyn Free Speech TV is the community access television network for Brooklyn. It is part of the Brooklyn Public Network which also includes Brooklyn Independent Media and Brooklyn Bulletin Board. Brooklyn Public network is cablecast to over 500,000 households and online.



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