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All Consuming on Randall's Island

Nicholas Fraser

Aug 2007

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June 5, 2015
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Art News

Nicholas Fraser’s All Consuming is a variation of a city distance sign, with two critical deviations: the cities named are extinct and the texts are edible cakes of birdseed. As hungry wildlife consumes this birdseed, they will transform legible characters into unidentifiable forms, resembling the ruins of cities uncovered by archaeologists. Located on the southern shoreline of Randall’s Island Park, the sculpture is continually in flux, evoking the cyclical nature of cities by harnessing natural processes to visually echo decay and ephemerality.

Underscoring the diversity of New York by naming cities from a wide range of cultures, the sculpture positions both viewers and the city within a broad historical continuum, squarely in the line of succession of our forebears. The cities named may be dead, but their cultural heritage lives on in their direct descendants, all well represented in the boroughs neighboring Randall’s Island.

With nature in the lead role, All Consuming provides a poetic reminder of the inevitable while gently suggesting we not ignore the part we play in hastening our own end.

All Consuming is part of the FLOW.15 Exhibition, sponsored by the Randall's Island Park Alliance and Made Event

May 30th-November 15th, 2015

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