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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Mark Lowell

Apr 2015

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August 4, 2015
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Crowdfunding Campaigns

My name is Laura Reynolds, and I co-manage a Fine Woodwork and Restoration business with Mark Lowell. We met through social media, over one year ago. After suffering a devastating attack, that left me with a detached retina, fractured jaw and broken nose, I wasn't able to work in a traditional work environment. So, after many chats with Mark, he offered me a job working with him.

As an Independent Contractor, he hired me on, to re-develop his business model and social presence. 
Our Partnership is unique, because it is bi-coastal (I live in WashingtonState, while Mark lives in Brooklyn) and virtual. I handle eveything online, or by physical mail. What has created the biggest challenge is not having updated computer equipment. I'm typing on a netbook, that is not quite fast enough to handle eveything that I do, or shuts down, at the most inconvenient times.  Please help us with a small donation, thank you!

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