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Shoko Saida Solo Exhibition

Ouchi Gallery

Jul 2012

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October 11, 2015
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Opening Reception: Every Tuesday 10/13/2015, 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM



TUESDAY, 10/13 - SUNDAY, 10/18

12:00 PM - 6 PM


Appointment only on Wednesday 

As a child, Shoko Saida's father took her to see the Millet exhibition. There she saw "The Sower" and thought to want to be an artist. Currently, she produces her works while working on a mass-media related job. Her works are created on the theme on people. Since she lives in japan, She draws settings in Japan. She thinks to draw not only fun and heartwarming works but also people in various scenes.


Under the aging society in Japan, there are many social problems such as child abuse, non-regular employment, and an increase in poor people receiving livelihood protections. Including such things, she thinks she will continue drawing with the theme of people.


Her works are drawn from both real experiences and imaginations. She thinks she could send cries through drawings to the generations to live a future. She would like the visitors of her solo exhibition to experience not only one emotion but their own feelings.


In addition to her works, as an artist she started a project to distribute sketchbooks to children living in child welfare facilities, homeless people, and impoverished people, with the hope that expressing themselves will enrich their minds. She produces her own works while proceeding with this project.!upcoming/c16lw


Ouchi Gallery
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Phone:347 987 4606

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