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Forms and Functions: A four day exhibit

Ross Carlisle

Sep 2014

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Nov 5-8 2015
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October 13, 2015
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103 Allen St, New York, NY 10002

Opening Reception: Nov. 5th 6-9pm

Gallery Hours: Nov. 6, 7, 8: 10-6

The 103 Allen st. Gallery is proud to present Forms and Functions, a four day, pup-up exhibition of works from Brooklyn based artists Ross Carlisle and Robert Samartino.

Forms and Functions collectively focuses on the identities of boxers, soldiers, and the labor-intensive working class. Through the use of body language, movement, and surface texture Samartino and Carlisle work to explore their subjects’ varied and pliable identities. As colors blend and forms fade from the background, both artists allow their figures to remain focused on their tasks at hand and oblivious to the vacuums and distortions around them.

Brooklyn based Ross Carlisle focuses on the modern day warrior class; people that hone their physical and mental selves to the point of mechanical efficiency. Working with boxers out of Brooklyn's own Gleason's Gym, Carlisle creates double images and out of focus forms. As aces become unclear or intentionally censored, poise and posture is all that is left to define many of Carlisle's subjects - revealing them to be individual embodiments of their actions rather than products of their agency.

Robert Samartino's scenes of working men are informed by Karl Marx's theory of value as objectified labor time. In his works, the physical environment and the human figure flow in the circulation of capital. Inconsistencies and partitions of concrete and asphalt display the accumulation of labor necessary to its maintenance. Mirroring this, Samartino’s constant attention to surface - patching and replacing - relates to the layering and labor time of the painting process itself. 

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