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Matters Of The Heart 2013 Journey

Jackson Shuri

Sep 2015

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October 20, 2015
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Artist to Artist Exchange

 Yellow is said to be the color of intellect. It is also the color of Hope, Joy and Spirituality. Yellow being in the family of Reds, is exciting to look at. Yellow enlivens the heart that painted in a rather pale pink. This symbol that has come to represent the heart is painted upside-down to emphasize the emotional state of the heart when intellectuals are drawn to matters of the heart.

Move to the lower section of the image, here you see two shapes rendered in abstract fashion to imitate bottles. Imagine for a second, these are bottle of wine or one of your favorite spirits.  Intellectuals do drink, combining intellect with issues concerning the heart while drinking is bound to establish an odyssey filled with emotional excitement and illusions taking into account the effects of spirits. This idea of the three combined is represented by the swirls and twirls and diagonal lines in the composition. 

 Each of Jackson's paintings are multi-layered and makes use of movement and moodiness that light provides. The multi-layered nature of this painting lends itself to Jackson's weaving and patterning designs. If you are looking at a multi-layered painting regardless of its dimensions, know that Jackson is weaving the human interaction. According to Jackson, humans and their ways are multi-layered. Problems are always multi-layered, and needs to be examined as such.  

When looking at a Jackson Shuri, you can't help but think feel fabric!! You would be right for doing so. Jackson is often inspired by fabrics, in particular, fabrics from West Africa and a such her designs are relevant to the African Diaspora culminating the Journey of-Matters for the heart 2013 Journey which debuted during Art Basel Miami 2013



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